Copy editing

​Why do you need a freelance copy editor? Whether you have a consumer-facing publication or an internal newsletter or journal, you probably go to a lot of time and effort putting it together. You come up with themes and direction, gather news and developments, collate key messages from various departments, perhaps commission journalists and writers to generate relevant content.

It’s a lot of work, and often to a tight deadline. Building a regular and loyal readership requires punctuality, and you’re often juggling the production of your publication with numerous other responsibilities. What tends to go by the wayside when time is tight is careful copy editing. A good freelance copy editor will ensure the consistency of the contributing content in terms of writing style, check there is no repetition of material or messages between articles except where explicitly intended, and enforce grammatical integrity and accuracy of spelling by proofreading thoroughly. Copy editing is a thorough and painstaking task.

The added benefit of using a freelance copy editor is that you involve a fresh writer. A writer who hasn’t slogged to get words out of people, a writer who can view the publication entirely from the viewpoint of the target audience, a writer interested only in making your document as readable and popular as possible. Contact me today to discuss your editing needs.