Copy editing books and manuscripts

​So you’ve finished your magnum opus; your labour of love. What’s your next step? Contacting literary agents? Investigating self-publishing companies? E-publishing via Amazon?

No. Not yet. You should consider a professional copy editor with specific experience editing books and manuscripts. Why hire a script editor rather than just pass your manuscript or novel to some friends? Because you’ll get the benefit of the viewpoint, writing skills and eye for detail of an expert. Copy editors are there to help your work become the best that it can be. It can be a tricky line to walk – between retaining your original, true voice, and identifying problems with writing style that would damage your credibility as an author if you self-publish or scupper your chances at representation if you approach a literary agent or publisher.

Proofreading your book is an absolute must; the bare minimum. You’d be surprised, though, at how many first-time authors look to hire a proofreader and quickly realise that they get far more for their money – and a far better book – if they hire a copy editor.

And you decide the level of editing you want: you might want a copy editor to stick to minor points of style or you might want the enhanced writing input that comes with substantive editing. I’ll show you what I think your book needs – nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve copy edited fiction and non-fiction books as well as screenplays and short stories, so if you’re a budding novelist or you’re trying to make a name for yourself in your professional field by writing a reference book or guide, don’t leave things to chance. Contact me today to find out how I go about copy editing books and manuscripts, the difference between substantive editing and straightforward copy editing, and to get a quote to give your book the ‘real author’ feel.