What is copywriting and what does a copywriter do?

Copywriting is all about communicating a message so that it makes the maximum impact.

It encompasses pretty much any medium where you see the written word, or even hear it spoken aloud. As a freelance copywriter, I specialise in writing website content, intranet content, marketing literature, brochures, advertising copy, feature articles, press releases, social media content and both internal and external corporate communications. I also carry out copy editing and proofreading assignments for corporate and personal clients.

Writing good copy isn’t just about constructing a sentence that’s punctuated correctly, although poor grammar, spelling and the like can destroy an image as effectively as good copy can create it. It’s about representing a product, a company or a theme in such a way that the readers don’t even notice they’re being drawn in.

You can’t guarantee having such a magnetic effect on everyone, but you can reach more people with the right tone of voice; with a style of writing tailored to your audience. That’s why a good freelance copywriter will take the time not only to understand you and your product or service, but also the target audience.

Of course this means that copywriting for advertising will differ in style to in-house corporate communications, website content will be search engine optimised (good SEO copywriting will get your website found) and a press release will tell a story.

Copywriting can entail anything from large-scale copywriting projects, like an integrated rebranding exercise involving advertising, a new search engine optimised website and a direct email marketing campaign, right through to copywriting a simple yet effective letter. Below are some of the types of copywriting I’m most often involved with.

Advertising copywriting

Article copywriting

Award submission copywriting

Copywriting brochures & company literature

Corporate communications copywriting

Corporate identity and style guide copywriting

Press release copywriting

SEO copywriting and writing website content