Articles and opinion piece writing

​The feature article, opinion piece or technical or advice article for trade or general press is an extremely useful form of publicity and an important part of most PR strategies.

You’re bound to have read them; an expert offers advice, guidance or opinion on a given subject without overtly selling – preferably not even mentioning – his or her own company’s services. It’s raises awareness of the individual and his or her company and begins to position that person as what’s often referred to as a thought leader.

How often do you think the name on the byline is the name of the actual writer? Not as often as you might think – it’s commonly handed over to a professional copywriter for copy editing at the very least. Essentially, this is ghost-writing. The article copywriter takes a detailed brief and the expert’s viewpoint, carries out any additional research and writes the article. It’s no different to hiring a copywriter to write your company blog.

I’ve ghost-written lots of opinion pieces and semi-technical articles, particularly in the architectural, health & fitness, and technology-related industries; usually working in partnership with a PR agency.

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