Award submission copywriting

​Winning an award is a tremendous achievement. It feels good inside, it brings a sense of increased unity to a team, it creates a free publicity opportunity, and it engenders potential clients with a feeling of trust.

But if you’re currently copywriting your award submissions in-house, you’re not benefiting from that fresh perspective that comes from hiring a copywriter; particularly a copywriter experienced in writing award submissions and other PR material.

Winning an award submission isn’t just about how deserving your company, product or project IS – although there’s no doubt those are the most important factors – it’s often down to how persuasively you sell the facts to the judges. As a freelance copywriter I make it my business to squeeze every salient fact into a submission in a flowing fashion. I’ve written numerous award-winning and short-listed award submissions over the years, so if you believe you deserve to win an award, don’t leave the act of winning to chance. Contact me now to find out more.