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​Brand books, corporate identity guidelines, visual identity guide; different companies call their brand guidelines different things, but there’s one common aim: to make sure anyone working with imagery, words and customer service in your company does things the same way. Guides encompass everything from corporate values to company uniforms and even social media behaviour. Creating brand guidelines is usually the responsibility of the corporate communications department or an external marketing agency or design company.

A style guide, often published with a tone of voice guide within a set of complete corporate identity manual, is a set of rules for writing and presentation which ensures consistency, readability, the integrity of an organisation’s professional image and of course maintains the strength of the brand. Most copywriters apply a preferred style guide when copywriting, but together we can create your own.

A style guide is particularly important for larger organisations, where brand integrity can be compromised because different departments produce writing which fails to complement and work in harmony. I can work with you to establish an all-encompassing set of rules which leaves your colleagues in no doubt as to house style and ensures clarity for your audience. Contact me now to secure your brand identity.

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