Email marketing copywriting

‚ÄčEmail marketing is an absolutely fundamental part of customer relationship management and membership management, driving traffic to your website, your social networking sites and direct to your door. And email marketing copywriting – like any direct mail writing – is a fine art.

Consider your email in-box – at home and at work. Every day you’re receiving what are, in real terms, unsolicited emails; even though you opted in and are, in theory, interested in the email content, your time is precious and you didn’t actually ask for that email to arrive right then. So which emails do you open? The ones that grab your attention from the outset and continue to pull you in throughout. The ones with the most appealing subject lines and intriguing stories. The emails you open and act upon most will be the ones written by the best email marketing copywriters and direct marketing teams.

It’s not just about capturing your target readers’ attention either; whoever’s copywriting your email marketing needs to ensure brand integrity and consistent tone of voice – making the sale without compromising your professional reputation.

Give your email marketing campaigns a boost – hire a specialist email copywriter. Contact me today to talk in detail about the way you need your customer relationships to improve.