SEO copywriting

​With your online presence, words are arguably more important than in any other medium. Search engine optimised (SEO) copywriting is the art of making sure your company is among the earlier results the search engines display for certain search terms.

Identifying those search terms is the first step – known as keyword research. I no longer carry out keyword research myself; usually, keywords are identified by partnering with an SEO consultant as part of a full-scale SEO campaign.

You’ll hear a great deal of noise about search engine optimisation when you investigate marketing your services online. SEO rules change quite frequently and to remain top of the search engine results you’ll need regular website tweaking. But there are basic steps to take when writing optimised copy for websites; steps which ensure a certain keyword inclusion and, according to some SEO experts, keyword density, and which, when married with other SEO techniques, improve the likelihood of new customers finding you.

The important thing to know is that even when SEO copywriting, I write for humans first, and search engines second. Humans make emotional connections. And they spend money. A good SEO copywriter won’t compromise the credibility and readability of your website just to cram a few more keywords in. To find out more about the importance of good SEO copywriting, contact me today.

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