Partnering with SEO companies

​Search engine optimisation has never been more challenging; and with Google changing the SEO rule book with increasing frequency, as an SEO company you know you’ve got to deliver results fast. And while behind-the-scenes and off-page SEO techniques such as link-building are of critical importance to successful search engine rankings, good SEO copywriting shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you’re not already working closely with an SEO copywriter, you’re losing time you could be spending on better link-building campaigns and more extensive social media exploitation. I have years of experience as an SEO copywriter; most importantly, I understand what you, the SEO company, needs. You also know that opinions vary from SEO company to SEO company – so what do you need from a website copywriter? Someone to tow the line or someone with enough internet marketing knowledge, broad enough copywriting experience and an instinctive understanding of human psychology to provide invaluable input?

As a freelance SEO copywriter I work in partnership with SEO consultants and web designers, bringing harmony and balance where sometimes there is conflict. If you’d like to offer your clients the complete search engine optimisation package, get in touch.