Partnering with translation companies

‚ÄčI offer translation companies a cost-effective way to ensure the English translations they provide for their clients are written in exactly the right tone.

No matter how good your English, as a non-native English writer and speaker there’ll be moments when you struggle for le mot juste. My proofreading and copy editing services for translation agencies put your translated text a notch above your competitors. Your clients won’t just receive translations that are grammatically perfect; they’ll be perfectly nuanced too. And that’s the difference between working with an English proofreader and working with an English copywriter.

That’s a huge advantage when you’re translating material aimed at the English-speaking ex-pat population or for foreign companies looking to engage with either an international audience or make their first foray into the UK or any other English-speaking country. Natural, flowing English featuring familiar idioms and the tricks and techniques learned through years of professional copywriting will resonate far more strongly with your target audience. And that means happy clients.

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