​Why hire a freelance proofreader? Any document you put into the public domain is going to be scrutinised. Your ethics, practice and service may be of the highest order but if your website, brochures and advertising copy are poorly worded, let alone contain typing errors or grammatical nonsense, then your target audience is judging you already. A freelance proofreader will ensure your professional image is maintained in the quality of your text. It’s worth noting that if you’re looking for major revisions rather than straight proofreading, you’ll need to look at copy editing.

Budding novelists face a gruelling ordeal getting picked up by an agent, let alone a publisher. If you’re submitting a manuscript you need to present it in the best possible light. If there’s a slush pile of 12 submissions a day and yours is the eighth being flicked through, your text had better not contain a glaring error likely to irritate the reader. Having a professional proofreader go through your script ensures the most professional and impressive submission.

We’ve all written something, checked and rechecked, only to find a simple mistake. That’s why fresh eyes are always best employed before you hit the ‘send’ button or drop the envelope in the post box. Independent proofreading provides an objective viewpoint. As a trained proofreader I can ensure that you’re not judged on anything but that which you have to offer professionally. Contact me today to ensure you present your customers with only the best first impression.