Proofreading books & manuscripts

​Proofreading your book or manuscript is an essential step on the road to publishing; whether you’re intending to approach a literary agent for representation or you’re looking into self-publishing and e-publishing options. Literary agents are deluged by unsolicited manuscripts daily; penalising a book for poor grammar and spelling is just one way they can wade through that slush pile faster. And if you’ve gone to the expense of self-publishing, or your novel is at the mercy of Amazon reviews when you e-publish with Kindle, do you really want to be picked up publicly on your punctuation by your readers? A professional book proofreader can make all the difference to the reception your book receives.

It’s likely you’ve reviewed and edited your book – either on the fly or once you finished. You probably chopped and changed – and probably for the better. And where typos, misspellings and omitted words will creep into even the best writers’ work on the first draft, making all those changes can actually introduce even more writing errors and inconsistencies. That’s where a book proofreader is invaluable. A book proofreader offers a completely fresh set of eyes; eyes that are not only trained and used to proofreading manuscripts, but which review your book with no preconceptions, just an almost irritating level of pernicketiness.

When I proofread books, manuscripts, screenplays and short stories, I provide you with a tracked-changes version of your document so you can see exactly where I’ve identified errors, explained where necessary. It all starts with a short sample, for which there’s no charge. It’s also at this stage that I may identify the benefits of copy editing your book – a more extensive service (that’s not a typo of ‘expensive’) that can involve more structural and creative writing input. The choice is yours – and the sample will show us both how much better your book can be.

I’ve copy edited and proofread books for first-time authors and published authors, so get in touch today to make sure your book is ready for its readers.