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Ten steps to being found online – an internet guide for SMEs

Several years ago I wrote and distributed a free guide to internet marketing for companies who feel they’re rather behind the curve. With the website update in 2013, this was one of the posts I felt compelled to keep available.

Ten steps to being found online – an internet marketing guide for start-ups, SMEs and those that got left behind takes the rookie website owner through the necessary steps to rise through the search rankings, raise brand awareness and increase website visitor numbers. If your internet marketing strategy is rather wanting, this may well be worth a read. While there have been additions to the social media sphere since I wrote Ten steps, such as Pinterest, as an introduction to web marketing and improving online visibility, the principles and the content all remains completely valid.

It’s a freebie, and I’d encourage you all to share a link to the guide with anyone you feel might benefit.

Just click here to download the guide and please share the link to this page to any individuals or small companies you feel might benefit. Thanks!