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Free proofreading offer for sign writers & print companies

Take a look at this picture.


Some people will spot what’s wrong. Many won’t. Poundland’s directors, marketing department and the sign writing company all failed to spot the error. There might even have been a branding or marketing consultancy behind the slogan and they didn’t realise what they’d done wrong. It’s on the front of every shop, staff uniforms and even on the company website.

If you can’t see the error, you’re far from alone. And nobody’s judging you. But here it is:

Amazing value everyday

‘Everyday’ is an adjective. It’s used to describe a noun, eg it was an everyday occurrence for typos to appear in the newspaper.

The slogan should have read: Amazing value every day

It would cost hundreds of thousands to correct that error on each of Poundland’s 400 shops around the country, let alone reprinting staff uniforms and other marketing material. So it probably won’t happen. But who’s to blame? If you run a printing company or a sign writing business, you probably pass the proofreading buck back to your client. And the client should always sign off – ultimately it’s their responsibility.

The reality is that typos, grammatical errors, capitalisation inconsistencies and branding breaches can creep in at any stage of the creative, layout and printing processes.

So forget passing the buck. You can wipe out the potential for error, boost your sales pitch and offer your clients added value with my free proofreading service.

For a limited time only, I’m offering free proofreading of signs, banners and posters to UK sign writers and print houses.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • up to 50 signs, banners or posters proofread for free before the end of June
  • any individual file can contain up to 50 words to qualify for free proofreading
  • checked and corrected documents and/or feedback provided within 8 working hours of your emailed request – and probably much sooner. Further checking of altered versions of the same document counts against your free 50!
  • an extra selling point when marketing your sign writing business or print house
  • happier clients
  • complete peace of mind.

To take up this special offer, you must:

  • be a professional sign writer or printing company
  • be using AH Copy for the first time
  • email copy to be proofread in Word or PDF attachments only
  • make no more than 50 requests before 1 July 2014
  • read and accept my terms and conditions.

The offer ends at the end of June, but the service doesn’t have to. From then on, you can choose between:

  • monthly proofreading partnership – up to 20 signs, banners or posters each of up to 50 words – £30 per month
  • monthly proofreading partnership – up to 50 signs, banners or posters each of up to 50 words – £50 per month
  • monthly proofreading partnership – up to 100 signs, banners or posters each of up to 50 words – £75 per month
  • as-and-when proofreading, charged at an hourly rate.

Got a question or an urgent proofreading requirement in need of the pedantic treatment? Drop me an email: enquiries at ahcopy dot co dot uk.


PS: I reserve the right to make this offer unavailable to new enquiries at any time. A fellow could otherwise be overwhelmed.